Gary was president for 15 years of Marketing Solutions Group, an advertising agency specializing in producing and airing cable television commercials for businesses. Prior to that, he founded, edited, and published award winning business newspapers in Los Angeles. The annual awards were from the California Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, and the Western Association of Chamber Executives. His other media credits include numerous front page photo citations. In addition, he was the longest running on-air personality, and financial analyst, on San Francisco Bay Area TV at the time, KEMO and KCSM. 

Wendi is an instructor at Lawrence College & Career Center in Lawrence, Kansas. She teaches forensic science, food science, and ecology in the Health Science, Law, Public Service, and Safety department. She also works as a science educator at Lawrence Public Schools. Before her teaching career, Wendi worked as an analytical technician at Hill’s Pet Nutrition, a company that makes Science Diet and Prescription Diet animal food. She holds a MSc in Education from Fort Hays State University and has a BSc in Biology from the University of Kansas. 

Brent has strong international experience encompassing clinical research, consulting, product management, business development, marketing, and account management.  

He has worked with various entities in the health tech industry. These include top-10 pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical device companies, contract research organizations (CROs), academic medical research centers, the NIH, and NHS Trusts in the UK. 

Ivy League-educated and trained, he possesses a deep knowledge of hemostasis and thrombosis, gained through 12 years of experience in biomedical, clinical, pre-clinical, and basic research. In addition, he had held a post-doctoral fellowship and co-investigator positions in the UK and US. 

His contributions to the science literature include multiple published papers which include a definitive review of "Platelet metabolism and the effect of drugs.” This appeared as a chapter in the book Hematology, vol 2, Hemostasis and Thrombosis, published by Butterworths Ltd.  

He is an adept leader with experience in managing teams and coordinating efforts across international organizations and departments.  

Elizabeth founded five previous companies in the US and the UK and brings exceptional clinical and healthcare business experience to Emerald Venture Partners. She has been the CEO, COO, and board member of several health and med tech start-ups and established businesses. After dividing and selling her first business to NASDAQ - and NYSE - listed companies in the mid-1990s, she continued as President of the wholly owned subsidiary and board member of the NASDAQ company.

She is considered a pioneer in the use of bedside electronic monitoring and electronic patient records, care and case management guidelines and protocols, and continuum of care/transition of care models. She is experienced in the design and development of evidence-based and patient-reported outcomes methods. 

Since 2004, she has worked with digital health companies, specializing in connected health infrastructures, remote patient monitoring (RPM), virtual health and care management, data analytics and health informatics. 

She received an outstanding service award in 1994 as co-author of the “Congressional Handbook on Self-Insurance” presented to US Senate and US House of Representatives congressional committee hearings on health care reform. The evidence-based presentation resulted in the preservation of the ERISA law for employer-sponsored health insurance benefit plans. 

Prior to starting her first business in 1989, she was a clinical nurse specialist in open heart and cardiac transplant post-operative intensive care. She also specialized in the post-implantation care of left ventricular heart-assist devices (LVAD). She taught fourth-year medical students, first-year interns, and critical care nurses how to care for high-risk patients with implanted devices.  

Elizabeth is a New York State licensed registered nurse. She earned an MHA in Healthcare Business Administration, and a MSc with Honors in Physiology from Long Island University. She also has a BSN in Nursing, and a BSc with Honors in Physiology from New York Stony Brook University. She attended the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, earning a Certificate of Completion in Medical Outcomes Design, Development, and Implementation Methods. 

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