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Emerald Venture Partners

Emerald is a curated group of industry veterans, business founders, executives, and tier-one consultants. The partners have 75+ combined years of hands-on experience in:

  • Academic, clinical, med tech R & D, and technology transfer.
  • Clinical practice, care management, and digital health.
  • Patient-reported and evidence-based outcomes analytics.

Since 2017, Emerald has provided business management advisory and consultancy services in Europe and the United Kingdom, expanding to the United States in 2022.

Our Culture

  • We are entrepreneurs at heart who have benefited from working internationally in multicultural and diverse environments.
  • We believe in giving back and we contribute to entrepreneurial academic and accelerator mentorship programs.
  • We are guided by the principles of excellence in leadership.

Our Values

  • Respect everyone
  • Be honest and empathic
  • Be open-minded and fair
  • Be bold and effective in driving change
  • Have an impact and make a difference

Our Logo

The never-ending Celtic circle is symbolic of wholeness, community, and connection to the universe, and reminds us that everything in life grows through transitional cycles.

The center knot of our interlocking Celtic circle and its connection to the outer circle represents the oneness of our vision and symbolizes the continuity of our mission that is interwoven in collaborating with our clients, partners, colleagues, and associates.

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