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We work with researchers, innovators, transformers, accelerators, and investors, to help drive the development of bioscience and healthcare innovations.

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Emerald Venture Partners

Emerald Venture Partners is an international consultancy working with start-ups and existing businesses across the development spectrum from conceptualization to commercialization. We help drive innovation, human-centered design, and accelerated investment in:

  • Biotech and Medtech– to save lives, restore function, diagnose, and treat illness.
  • Healthtech and Healthcareto deliver equitable, quality, person-centered care.
  • Analytics and Informatics – to validate evidence, form insights, and influence change.
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Entrepreneurship – Leadership – Mentorship

We are inspired to use our expertise in bioscience, health technologies, and data analytics to:
EXPAND our reach to leave no one behind…cradle to grave health: physical, mental, dental, cognitive, and emotional.
ENGAGE and build significant partnerships that impact whole communities.
TRANSFORM with innovative sustainable solutions.

Our Services

A key to our success lies in our knowledge and hands-on experience of 75+ years. We have a clear and distinct advantage in understanding the needs of the market.

Biotech, Medtech, Healthtech

We are passionate about helping biotech, medtech, and healthtech companies navigate the complex pathway to achieving real-world impact. We understand the product development journey from proof of concept to clinical trials, regulatory approval, and market acceptance.

Know-how and technology can solve many of the largest current and future societal challenges. Unfortunately, too many technologies do not make it across the ‘valley of death’ from the lab to a commercial product. We help to navigate this complex field, bringing together viewpoints and strategies from across innovation and implementation lifecycles.

Digital Health and Connected Care

Emerald has been at the forefront of digital health, medicine, and therapeutics, working with pioneering international technology companies, providers, and patients. Building digital health ecosystems and employing digital medicine and therapeutics has led to transformative person-centered connected care.

We have a deep understanding of the health applications, infrastructure elements, and the categories of screening, monitoring, and diagnostic tools required for a connected healthcare ecosystem. This enables us to help businesses and organizations dedicated to improving people’s lives by using better tools and new working methods.

Data and Informatics

Turning clinical evidence and patient-reported data into intelligence for actionable insights is critical to realizing transformative patient-centered healthcare, with improved outcomes. Our capabilities arise from combined international experience in research, data analysis, and outcomes informatics. We believe data is a tangible asset not only to effect change but to improve the valuation of a business. We also work to develop data as a product for commercialization.

How We Work

We work on designing and developing concepts through
operational and commercial pathways.
We not only advise but can assist with implementation.

Our Collaborative Methodology

  • Gather information
  • Analyze data
  • Identify areas to:
    • Strengthen successes and opportunities
    • Reduce weaknesses and risks
  • Define strategic goals, plans, and timelines
  • Implement the agreed strategies
  • Make course corrections as necessary
  • Measure progress and outcomes
  • Plan for continuous quality improvement 

How We Can Help

We help to create and drive success by sharing our:

  • Business intelligence
  • Commercial astuteness
  • Commercial partners
  • Industry domain expertise
  • Network of industry experts
  • Investor funding sources

We build future value by reducing risk, increasing commercial realization, improving ROI, and identifying opportunities with selected development and commercial partners.

We foster peer-to-peer support and collaborative ecosystems of excellence via webinars, events, and innovator forums.


We help develop new strategies to enable the commercialization of innovative technology derived from scientific research. The involvement of scientists, including faculty, postdocs, and graduate students, is crucial for the transformation of scientific knowledge and technology into commercialized products and services.


We affiliate and collaborate with industry leaders who are building vital elements of connected health systems including:

  • Smart, flexible strategies to improve technologies, processes, and patient experiences.
  • Automating patient engagement to extend reach and deliver higher quality care and health services to more patients.
  • Clinician-designed and supported technologies to offer high-quality patient care that improves health outcomes.
  • Use of big data to enable health plans to provide more value to members and strengthen member support.


Choosing the right support from investors can have a massive impact on the trajectory of a business. Investment in a start-up or scale-up can include working in an accelerator environment rich with expertise, experience, and non-dilutive and dilutive funding sources. Investors power innovation and help in job creation by supporting sustainable products and services. Using our international network of accelerators and investors we:

  • Identify potential collaborations.
  • Assist businesses to find suitable accelerators and investors.
  • Work with accelerators and investors to identify new opportunities.


Elizabeth Crocker is a member of the Advisory Board of AskSAMIE.
AskSAMIE is a curated marketplace for Accessible Living, providing adaptive equipment to meet an individual’s specific needs for independent living. AskSAMIE is solving accessibility with mobile innovative solutions!
Elizabeth Crocker is a contributor to the DiMe community.
Founded in 2019, the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) is a global non-profit and the professional home for all members of the digital medicine community. Together, we drive scientific progress and broad acceptance in digital medicine to enhance public health. Our vision is: better health powered by digital medicine.
Elizabeth Crocker is a mentor in the University of Kansas School of Business Management mentoring program.
KU flourished into the state's flagship institution — a premier research university that claims nearly 30,000 enrolled students across five campuses.
Elizabeth Crocker is a mentor in the Entrepreneur Scholarship program at the UMKC Henry W. Bloch School of Management.
The mentor program offers the opportunity for entrepreneurial students to work with and learn first-hand from experienced mentors in starting and running businesses and/or experience working in a startup.

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